"Inspired" by Lunch

Well, I was repremanded today at an Author/Illustrator lunch for not posting to my blog more often. Guy Francis (www.guyfrancis.com) said I had to post more often and he'd be checking up. So here is a post for Guy who likes to see an illustrator's process.

These are just a FEW thumbnails from the picture book I've begun working on called "Already Asleep," by Angelique Tarbox to be published by Moo Press, of Keene Publishing. They are about 3.75" inches long by 1.25" inches high...just so you know how small I start out. I just grabbed a few out of one column of sketches b/c you can't really tell what they are completely anyway unless you are me. I do a bunch of these and then I go straight to full size from there. Oh, I also print out my thumbnail boxes to draw in from my computer so I don't waste time drawing the boxes.

So, now Guy...any critiques? I'm expecting them since you asked to see more.


  1. Repremanded seems like a strong word. I was more like begging. It was good to visit withyou again even though you were at the other side of the table and we didn't get a whole lot of visiting done. It was nice that the illustrators finally outnumbered the writers.

    So, I like em! They are tighter than some of my thumbnails. Is this what you send to the client or do you work them up a little larger? I think your compositions are working nicely. The houses on the second one seem uncomfortably near the edge. I would pull them in just a smidge. I like the dog, he seems very content. Looks like the book is coming along. Can't wait to see the next stage.

    I added your blog to my links. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Love your blog!! GREAT illustrations and drawings!!! :)

  3. I am the author of ALREADY ASLEEP. This was neat to see, thumbnails of some of the pages. I remember you emailed me about the dog Zack, well, I think you captured him perfectly. I can't wait to see all of your finished drawings, and then paintings, for this book. I love what you did with the mom- not quite showing her but the reader sees bits of her. Brilliant. I


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