Art for Christmas Gifts

This year I decided to do portraits of my brother's 5 boys for him and his wife for Christmas (I just finished the last of them). I had my parents provide some pictures as reference so it'll be a surprise (unless they read this blog of course...which they don't). I did portraits of my sister's kids a few years ago for her. I think doing portraits of people you know has to be one of the hardest things. It's hard to show that light in their eyes or that personality you know is in there. It's much easier for me to draw someone I've never met. But hopefully these will be to their liking. This picture is of their second youngest (4 years old). I use a beige canson paper and black and white prisma color pencils.

By the way, I've finished ALL of the spot illustrations for the Already Asleep book. It feels good to have 1/2 the book done in a manner of speaking. I think the double page spreads will be harder than the spots and more time consuming.

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