Illustration Friday: Spotted

I'm in the beginnings of working through the design of a new PB character...a groundhog. I've written a manuscript and want to get a dummy put together. So I thought I'd continue in that vein and use the character in this week's post. Nothin' fancy...


  1. Great! I like it. I wanna see the dummy when you get it done.

  2. I can just hear the "doh!" in his head. :)

  3. I sympathize him. Tickler.
    I like watercolor :)

  4. I'm sorry I'm late checking out your previous entry! FANTASTIC...and, I'm glad I remembered to check it out! Sometimes when I'm sneaking something I'm not supposed to be sneaking (yes...cookies! LOL!)...I always feel like there is a spotlight on me! :)

  5. charming illustration!! Love the warmth sincere style!


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