Illustration Friday: Smoke

Inspired by my son's Halloween costume, I came up with a SMokin' Mad Scientist. This was done quickly in Painter...the sketch and all. I don't like the pencil line's texture. I need to find a better tool for the line work if I'm going to sketch in Painter. But I also just need more practice in it overall. Thanks to illustration friday...I'm getting some more time in the program.


  1. Hi Julie! Nice Mad Scientist! It's fun to see the photo you worked from. (Terrific
    design the set.)

  2. OMGosh! Too cute! Love that your son was your inspiration for this! the depth you created with the smoke layers worked out well!

  3. Looks great! Love the hair and the perseverence :)tenir

  4. Looks a lot like your son. ; )

    I keed. Nice sketch, especially the hands.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Julie.....really appreciate it. Thanks for the comments..great work!

  6. Cool work. This actually fooled me; I thought it was traditional media!


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