Illustration Friday: Hide

This is a piece I did for a book I was writing myself. Philomel had it for a little while and I was working with an editor there on it but it never came full circle. Didn't make it through the big board room. It was also one I painted in Corel Painter. I loved this little girl and her great aunt. They were fun to draw. I seem to lose some of the charm in her character as I do other characters and attempt to capture the same elements that are in her.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment!!
    Love the expression of the little girl behind the sofa, reminds me of my younger brother and sister when they were little. They were such pranksters!

  2. so beautifull i like it !!

  3. I love the mother's distracted gaze, the aunt's staunch uprightnes and the little girl's mischievious giggling. Nice perspective. I also really like how you captured the position of the girl's legs, as though a moment ago she was on her knees before popping back to her hiding place. Details like that just make a scene seem so natural and right.

    I don't know the story so forgive me if I assume too much - but the little dog seems distracting and unnecessary. If the girl and great-aunt have a playful relationship then the focus should be just on them, no? And if the girl really means to annoy her great-aunt, then I think it would be funnier if the dog mirrored the events, perhaps by introducing the aunt's cat that the dog annoys. Just a thought, and maybe way off the story.

    Thanks for your great comment on my own illustration. You have a wonderful knack of making a person feel good about their work while giving helpful suggestions. :)

  4. lovely illo, beautiful design, love the composition.

  5. I luv the illustration of the girl behind the chair.

    Fond memories of myself as a youngster - brought a smile!!

    Do keep up with your illustrations and remain focused on your achievements - your talents are really wonderful.

    Hope you don't mind my commenting?

  6. that is really great! nice work

  7. Wow, you are so talented! And I love your website,too, which I went on after seeing your blog. I was amazed and grateful for all the helpful information, links and tips you provide: thank you!

  8. Hi Julie, I haven't been here for a while since you didn't post for a while. I really like this one! I like the pink and yellow you used! And I love the stylization of the little girl and the great aunt. Great job.


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