The projector and School Visits

Well, I've used the projector I wrote about a few posts ago for over 3 school visits now. I'm not a know it all on this projector and maybe if I new a little more I wouldn't have listed some of these cons, but here's my initial review.

Here are the laptop needed, thumbdrive holds all the presentation, bright display, easy operation, can place it close to the screen and get a large picture, has a button to blank out screen if you need to just talk with no picture up for a minute.

Cons...the initial upload of images is a tad slow (all depends on file size) but this can be negated by arriving early to set up; the lag between when you push the remote's NEXT button and when the picture changes can be unpredictable (depends on file size too); some images get the halo effect around the edges; there's not a great zoom differential on this projector...can't zoom image down too small if you're far away.

The Cons list looks larger but it is really only 4 things (explained) as opposed to the 7 pros listed. So, for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

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