List of Artists at BYU Alumni Show

Here is a list of all the artists hanging pieces in the BYU Alumni Show at the Utah County Justice Building. I linked everyone's sites to their names if I could FIND a site.

Robert T. Barrett

Bobbie Berendson

Travis Braun

Spencer Budd

David Dibble

Kim Edwards

Amber Erdmann

Joe Flores

Adam Ford

Douglas Fryer

Suzy Gerhart

Emily Gordon

Heather Graham

Shari Griffiths

Darren Gygi

Layne Haacke

Alisa Haggard

Richard Hull

Travis Humphreys

Alvina Kwong

David Malan

Natalie Malan

Jon McNaughton

Jeffrey Merrill

Rebecca Miller

Greg Newbold

Julie Olson

Tyler Pack

Sharae Peterson

Nathan Pinnock

Ron Russon

Sarah Samuelson

Michael Scholes

Bethany Schumann

Jennifer Sheffield

Ben Sowards

Val Paul Taylor

Shawna Tenney

Will Terry

Chantelle Walther

Molly Williams

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