Illustration Friday: Multiple

My "multiple" is MULTIPLE BOOKS. This is the cover I just finished (without the title of course...and red stitched edging...the graphics team does that) for the second Annie McRae picture book I'm finishing up. I think it'll be out this Fall. I really like how it turned out. Author and illustrator names go in the lasso. The book is called "There's Always a Way, Annie McRae!" (my flatbed scanner isn't quite big enough so it cropped in tight and cut off some edge decoration)


  1. How cute is this???! love it.
    great cover!!!

  2. i like aaaaall ur illustration!

  3. Beautiful!
    The blue color is so delicate!

  4. This is absolutely an adorable illustration! I love her hair and that missing tooth!

  5. sweet little cutie, very joyful piece, love it!


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