Sketching at the Forum

I'm finally done with the Forum on Children's Literature (until planning starts for next like a month). It was an amazing experience this year...better than ever before. David Small and his wife Sarah Stewart were perfect keynote guests and everyone learned from them and enjoyed their presentations. I'll get more into that in another post. But quickly, I just wanted to post a few sketches/notes I drew up during the conference. The Asian figure is from a figure drawing session we held during the conference this year. I could only stay for 5-10 minutes in between my running around. It was enough to tell me I need/want to spend more time drawing figures from life. Watch for more posts about the conference soon.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    You gave a great class at the Uvsc conference. I had a great time. I saw you made a comment on Brandon Dormans and I was like "What? I just saw her!" So that's how I found your blog.


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