Press Check

I've never been able to actually go to the printer where one of my books is being printed because they are usually in CHINA. But the printer for the "There's Always a Way, Annie McRae!" book is actually located only an hour from my house. So I got to go do my first press checks ever on a book. Usually you have to rely on the eye of the printer to match the colors as close as possible. But I was able to go and see for myself with the original paintings in hand, how closely they matched up. You can never get an EXACT match to the originals in a picturebook because they are printed on a glossy paper, a paper with a warmer or cooler undertone, and within the confines of mixing Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black (CMYK). But after a few tries, we were able to find a happy medium. The prints were way to yellow at first, but when you took enough yellow out to make the yellows correct, the reds were too pink. So, all in all, it's turning out great and they should have the first print run bound and ready to hit shelves by August 1st. I'll post when we do and a link to where you can get it.

Me signing off on the final proof sheet.

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