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So, after nearly 8 years on the market, the first picture book I illustrated got some major TV publicity just last week. Our local morning TV talkshow featured it for a few seconds. If you skip ahead to the 3 minute 11 second mark, you can see the little blurb. I didn't see the show that day, but plenty of friend have told me about it. So I had to share! (too bad they don't mention the illustrator...oh well, this will sell books anyway). You have to wait through the short commercial first though.

Or you can go here to see and read about it...



  1. Way to go Julie! That's great! And I love the topic they were focusing on--raising healthy girls, with a healthy body image and loving themselves for who they are.

  2. Thanks, and I agree on the good topic.

  3. wonderful news! and well deserved.


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