Watch Me Paint REALLY fast!

By the way, this is a mirror image of me working (for some reason that's the way my camera took it). I am not left handed. I wish I could paint equally well with either hand. But alas, tis not the case.


  1. That was really neat! I always want to watch the video streams that you post but I don't usually have time for that. It was really cool to see the whole thing come to life though. Sam enjoyed watching it too, he kept saying "Aunt Julie, painting!" :)

  2. That was fun to see.

    I paint with watercolors so so differently. I'm fascinated by how you do it. Great post.

    Do you stretch your paper or anything?

  3. I dont stretch it...just tape it down. I'm all about speeding things up. I'd love to see how you paint. I've never been trained.

  4. Interesting. I might try to incorporate some of your technique in my painting. It might go faster for me.

    Maybe someday I'll post a video like yours but who knows. I love watching them but don't ever imagine people would like watching me paint. Plus who knows how I would record something like that at the moment.

  5. I would totally watch. I just used the built in camera on my laptop...just angled it down. Then I brought it into iMovie and sped it up. Easy Peasy.

  6. I am puzzled... you are right handed in the top video, and left handed in this video!
    Has something been flipped, or do you use both hands?

  7. I think my new laptop's camera must be set to mirror image or something, because, No, I CAN NOT use my left hand as well. I wish!


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