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I'm doing a mock cover design for an illustrator intensive with art director, Martha Rago, and I need your opinion. I won't tell you which I'm partial to. I'd like your thoughts as artists, book lovers, or whatever you may deem yourself. Which design do you like better? And is there anything you'd change or add? Leave comments below. Thanks!!!


  1. the first one. i don´t know why, it´s just a feeling...

  2. I like the more up-close one actually. More engaging. And you can see the cupcake detail and animal better. But they are both great!

  3. Hi Julie. As usual, your art is always wonderful.

    On a totally unrelated note, I've chosen you as the recipient of the prestigious Liebster Blogger Award. Go to my blog for the details! :)

  4. I like the first one better. Somehow the type feels crowded in version 2, that was my gut reaction. I love your illustrations, great work!

  5. I like the smaller girl. I'm able to see all the fun things she is into.


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