On TV again...Fun Times!

Here's a video of me on our local CBS affiliate's show "Fresh Living" once more...teaching the hosts, Casey and Debbie how to draw a penguin. See more of my how-to-draw lessons and coloring pages under the printables tab above. If you want to become an illustrator yourself, I highly recommend attending Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference. www.WIFYR.com


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    1. Thanks! We'll miss you this year at WIFYR. Enjoy sunny FL.

  2. That is so great! Love the purple beret!

    1. Had to add another element of fun for the show host. Debbie opted not to wear one...I can understand...messing up the hair and all.

  3. What a natural tv personality!

  4. Julie, Great job. Grace and style in front of the camera. Wonderful advertising for WIFYR.


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