I'm working on another picture book manuscript and illustrations (a personal project that I hope to present for publication someday)...and I'm collecting. I'm collecting memories.

Last summer my dear Grandma passed away. She was such a sweet and lovely person, always trying to serve and love others. I can't deny that she was my favorite Grandparent. So I began collecting my memories of her, like...

  • Her white patent leather purse on a gold chain strap
  • The black licorice she kept in plentiful supply
  • Her blue hair 
  • rolls and jam
  • peaches and cream
  • beautiful, handmade, quilts
  • the petite genes she passed on to me (she shrunk to about 4'11" through the years)
  • her little black heels
  • pearls
  • her smile
The list goes on and on. So I wrote a book. Based on truth. Beautified through the music of art and words. As I mentioned last week in my notes of Poet Lance Larsen...MUSIC TRUMPS TRUTH. Hopefully the music of this book will bring out the truth of the truth. I hope to share it with you someday. But for now,  here is a simple and my Grandma...

What are your memories of your Grandparents?


  1. You have done really a great work. Looking so nice photo. Please keep it up.....

  2. I am so surprised to see your memories. I lost my grandparents when i was child i memories there faces. Your photo is really awesome !!

  3. I was looking for some illustrator related blog site to read contents as regular basis. & finally found your nice blog! I'll definitely read your post as regular basis.

  4. I am also a designer and working with illustration. But not work anytime with book manuscript. I always love truth and honestly your memory is sharp.


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