October 2017 General Conference Sketchnotes

Many people have asked for links to my conference notes over the years and I am always happy to provide them the files.

I take these notes for my own personal study and reference as I listen to the conference sessions. They are sometimes messy and I'm sure I pull different things out of what the speaker is saying than others do, but taking these kinds of notes helps me concentrate and visualize the concepts while they are delivering them. Any mistakes or misrepresentations of the speakers' topic are all my own and have nothing to do with the original source.

Please listen to the source of these notes here...

And here is a link to the pdf file full of 16 pages of my notes. (it may take a while to download so be patient.)
 general conference notes


  1. I just recently discovered your sketchnotes and I have to say "AMAZING JOB" and thank you for sharing your views and talents. I return to past conference talks to reread, but your notes bring the talks back so I can quickly recall them if I don't have time to read them in their entirety.

  2. I found your blog through the Middle Aged Mormon Man's blog. I love how you make the talks come to life! I recently printed out your April notes and gave them to my teenage son to refer to. They caught his eye way more than just printing out words. Thank you for sharing your talent.


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