Illustration Friday: Jungle

To me, the worst "jungle" can be Middle School or Junior High! This depicts why. Fortunately I didn't have as horrible of an experience as some do. (yes this is a piece not specifically done for this week but if you read my lst post, you'll know why I didn't get to painting a new piece this week.)


  1. Sorry about your back! It sounds absolutely wretched.

    This illo is a good interpretation of the topic. I teach HS, but the same thing happens there as well, especially amongst the girls. They can be so mean, and the one on the outside does feel lost in a jungle of hate.

    Good luck with your book, and get well soon:>

  2. Nice illustration.
    Pity you've posted your link with double http:// in I guess you would have had more comments, if it would open in one click.
    Good luck.

  3. This is perfect!! I like how it is black and white...sort of how you would have seen it in a yearbook back in my time! :)

    Sorry to hear about your back! I do hope you're doing better this week!

  4. your drawing is wonderful. it so closely illustrates the feelings of kids that can't fit in. reminds me of moving from pennsylvania to vermont when I was 12 and feeling so alienated from the new englanders who were so different from what I was used to.

  5. That's a great take on the theme, lovely illo!


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