Finished the Princesses

Sorry for the delay in posting, we've had a lot of stuff going on in my family the past three weeks. To make a long story short, my husband had to have 1/3 of his lungs removed because of a rare tumor. Thankfully it wasn't cancerous and he is on the road to recovery after a brutal 9 hour surgery. But, I must say the blog has taken a back seat.

On a happier note, I just thought I'd share some snapshots of some of the princess illustrations I finished. Thankfully, all revisions etc. were completed before my husband's surgery.

Enjoy the sneak peak! The book (title announced this Fall or so) will be released Spring 2012.


  1. That's a big project. Way to pull it off. Looks like the book is going to be great.

  2. Wonderful work! So neat to see everything laid out like that.

  3. Julie, these are amazing! I could never paint with so much detail and texture. I'm super impressed.

    I heard this is a big-time project with a big-time publisher. Way to go!


  4. These are beautiful illustrations, and so much detail in the backgrounds!

    I hope your husband is recovering well from his operation.


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