Sometimes I need someplace quiet, pleaceful, clean and serene to retreat to...get away. I wish it could always be here...(ahh that was a nice trip 4 years ago)...

But most of the time, it's just my bedroom. My Husband and I redid the room a couple years ago. We put in Bamboo Flooring, painted the walls a calm grey, and got new furniture, lamps, and bedding. New Paint, lighting and cement counter with steel backsplash in the Bathroom as well. I created some complimentary art and wahlah...My retreat...

reading nook
resting nook
refreshing nook

I just wish I actually could get there more often these days.  I also wish I had the funds to redo my whole house and take another trip.  Someday. But for now, go find yourself a retreat!


  1. Dang, Olson, you guys got some taste!

  2. Awe, Thanks! We like it. Maybe if I get as many book jobs as you, Jed, I'll have the money to do the rest of the house. :-)


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