Calendars- A Little Gift for You! (March)

This is a little late (should've been posted at the beginning of the month), but I decided to make available (month by month) these little calendars I made for my mom last Mother's Day.  They are 4x6 size and easily printed on the little pre-packaged 4x6 photo paper for home printers. My mom displayed them on a miniature easel on her hutch. But they can be placed in a cute little frame or simply on the fridge. You can even print them on a larger piece of paper, embellish with a bow and use as the front of a card you write to a friend.

If you would like the entire year printed as a pack you can buy for a gift for Mother's Day in May, I will soon be posting a link to that.

I'll try to post the next month's calendar on the last day of each month. So watch for April's Calendar on the last day of March.  Enjoy!

You are welcome to print the calendars out each month and use them for home or school use. Please do not resell these in any form or print for mass distribution.
may be printed for personal use only

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