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Now that summer is over and my kids are back in school (except for my busy toddler), I need to spend more time in the studio. I always think I'll get so much done during the summer, but seem to get too involved in family time and life. It's not bad, just a bit non-productive for my career. But I really think we all need to remember how important leading a well-rounded life is. So remember, take time with family, take time to be healthy, take time to enjoy, and then take time to express.

I started this book idea in the spring and I'm ready to finish it up. I'm giving myself 2 weeks. There...I've put it out there. Hold me to it. 2 weeks from now I should be able to say to you guys, I finished it. It's a book about a little boy who collects things (with his grandma) until one day... (well I can't tell you that).

Here are a few samples...

After the title and dedication page, the book begins with the words,
"Calvin collected." Then...

I do have much more finished. But I'll show you more in two weeks and maybe even along the way.

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