More Non-Illustration Art: Cakes

Another form of art I love to do for my kids (and for other people if I had time) is cake baking/decorating. I've posted about the xbox cake I made a while back and last summer I made a movie themed cake. Earlier this year my daughter wanted a Jungle Themed cake and party and my son had "popcorn" cupcakes. This summer I made my toddler a "Digger Cake" complete with "dirt and rocks" (cookies and fondant and mint chocolate chips ground for grass. He LOVED it. It was adorable to watch him actually use the diggers to get at the cake after blowing out candles.

Construction "Digger" Cake...all edible except for the trucks.

Jungle cake...All edible except for the animals.

Made cupcake paper wraps, frosted the cupcakes, coated plain popcorn in white chocolate and placed on top.
So art does come in all forms. I'm glad I get to dabble in all of it.


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