Signed with a Literary Agent!!!!

That's right. I just signed with Literary Agent John Cusick with Greenhouse Literary Agency. I've been repped by an art rep for the last 7 or so years and it's been just fine. They brought me jobs illustrating everything from books to asthma medication. However, I reached a point in my life and my career where I felt I needed to evolve, to change things up. I felt I needed and wanted to focus on only books and work on writing and illustrating the whole project myself.

After a long talk with my art rep, we came to the understanding that since I wanted to focus more on writing (which they couldn't help much with), I needed to choose the path which suited my goals best. So, I nervously parted ways with them and signed on with John.

John and I met back in 2012 at a WIFYR conference and had kept in touch. It was a natural progression to sign on with him and jump more fully into the writing AND illustrating of picture books. Read John's wonderfully written account of it all HERE along with my answers to some introduction interview questions.

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