Picture Book Marathon- Day 28 - THE FINISH!

So here I am...at the finish line. I took my final day off yesterday and geared up for the big final push. I didn't have it left in me to do a full color comp for you today, but that's what happens....sometimes we limp to the finish line. BUT I MADE IT!

I visited my 95 year old grandmother today. And she inspired today's post. She's an amazing woman and still hanging in there. My dad and my baby boy were there too...so we took a 4 generation picture. Even though we weren't all female (like in my book here), you can see where this idea came from. I feel very blessed to have a strong family heritage and I am proud of my family. I want to publicly thank my wonderful grandmother for the woman she is and the son she raised to be my dad. I love you!


  1. Nice way to end it. This is one of my favorites you've done.

  2. I love generational stories.


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