Book Signing's this Weekend!

By way of announcement, this Friday, March 2nd, and Saturday March 3rd, I will be signing "Dear Cinderella" at the Provo City Library's Annual Fairy Tea Party. I will be signing for a half hour before and after each tea party. However, if you were not able to obtain tickets to the party (they are sold out), the fairy store and my signing table will be just outside the event, so all are welcome to come by and get a book. Don't miss your chance to see ME dressed up as a princess, get a signed book for your princess, and to peruse the fairy, princess trinkets in the shop.

Once again,  here's the information...

"Dear Cinderella" Book Signing
Location: Provo City Library, in the Old Academy portion of the library on your way to the Ballroom
Dates and Times: 
Friday, March 2nd- 4:30pm-7pm
Saturday, March 3rd- 10:30-1pm

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Julie I was reading this quickly and I thought you wrote that you'd be SINGING a half hour before each party! I'd buy a ticket to see that! As luck has it I have 3 boys who wouldn't enjoy a tea party so much, but good luck. That's great that it's sold out!


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