Picture Book Marathon- Day 17

This is where I want to be today...on a beach! But I'm not, so I might as well imagine it.

She Sells Sea Shells
by Julie Olson

She sells sea shells, by the sea shore.
And by the sea shore, she does much more...


  1. So soft and poetic. This is nice.

  2. Awesome. All sorts of popular kids' rhymes and songs are getting redone as PBs. Puff the Magic Dragon. We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

    If you took that little tongue twister, and turned it into a full 32 page story, it'd be a sure hit.

    Writing a book of tongue twisterss with a compelling story would be tough, but you can do it. And then you can sell it!

  3. LOVE the marathon pieces. Look forward to seeing more!


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