Picture Book Marathon- Day 9

Here's a very girlie picture book. I have princesses on the brain (I've been illustrating a princess book for the last three months). It's about a kingdom full of princesses and one little girl who wants to be a princess very badly...until she realizes how prim and proper you have to act and how boring it all is. Then she's happy to be her.

Princesses! Princesses! Princesses!
by Julie Olson

Once upon a time, in a castle far far away, there lived a princess...

and a princess...and a princess...Princesses! Princesses! Princesses!

Fair ones, tall ones, dark haired small ones. Smart ones, silly ones, fluff and frilly ones.

And next to the castle, there lived a little girl...


  1. NICE! You can never have enough princesses!

  2. Ha! We chose the same topic! My day 10 entry is along these exact lines. We're geniuses!

  3. So we've never met or anything... but I wanted to tell you that I think you're fantastic!!! Your illustration style is adorable, I love your little Frankie character, and your princesses idea is way too cute. Your book ideas are the kind that I loved when I was little...and still do:) I hope you get to publish some of them:)

    I was working on a drawing at the HFAC today and tons of little tiny princesses started showing up for the Cinderella Ballet pre-party. Your book cover reminded me of that so I just had to say something:)

    P.S. I found you through Nathan's page. He and Jed (reluctantly) spoke a few weeks ago in a Children's Publishing class at BYU that I'm taking and mentioned the picture book marathon so I started following it:)
    And it's been so fun! Thanks for making my day:)

    Diantha French

  4. Haha I think I just commented under my husband's username since he was logged on...you're still fantastic though:)

  5. Thanks sooo much, Diantha. I was an illustration major at BYU years ago. I'm glad you like my stuff.


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