Picture Book Marathon- Day 3

I'm a little pressed for time today so the cover had to be the first thing that came out of my sketch pencil. If I were to redo it I think I might make it a little more dramatic...more crud all over the place, a real mess. And maybe a puppy licking up crumbs. Puppies are always cute in picture books.

Anyway, this picture book idea is about a little girl who one day decides she's queen of the house...doesn't think she needs to lift a finger...and the chaos and mess that ensue. Probably too preachy for a real picture book, but could be made funny instead.


  1. Julie, Queen Clara is adorable. Good job. Saw your link on the PB marathon site and thought I would check it out.

  2. Puppies are ALWAYS welcome in picture books. :) More puppies!

    I think this is a great idea! It might help if instead of becoming passive and lazy, she takes her new Queen authority, and becomes a little tyrant. More conflict!

  3. Oh, and I found an even bigger directory of writing prompts on Rick's site:


  4. Thanks guys!

    Good Idea, Jed.

  5. Love your daily illustrations and stories!

    Jean Reagan


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