Picture Book Marathon- Day 23 & illustration Friday

As per the previous post, I used my own kids as inspiration for today's picture book as well as Illustration Friday. Illustration Friday's theme is "Layer."

So how many of you parents out there can relate to this...
It has just snowed...A LOT! Your kids are elated. They can't wait to get out and play in it. So they start getting out all the gear (while in a T-shirt and shorts). You remind them to go put on appropriate winter clothing just like you do every day and then proceed to put on the layers of snow gear. In the end it has taken you 30 minutes to push, tug and pull on all the layers of clothing and YOU are ready to put on a T-shirt and shorts. You send your little "Christmas Story" movie look-a-likes out to play with an exhausted wave and watch them waddle across the yard. 20 minutes later, just when you've pulled out a good book to enjoy in the comfort of your living room, there's a banging at the back door... "Mommy, it's cold. I got snow down my glove. I want to come in and have some hot chocolate." So, you sigh and begin UNlayering your child, which is a little easier but a lot more wet and slushy. You make them a cup of cocoa and sit down to enjoy it with them. They finish in a flash and are off to play. You throw the snow clothes in the dryer, wipe up the tracks of melted snow, clean up the cocoa drips off the counter, and sit down to enjoy your good book. But alas,

"Mommy, I'm warm now. I want to go play in the snow again."

I love my kids.



  1. Hahaha, that's so true!
    Love the description and the illustration.

  2. This is cute Julie. The snow flakes in the background are my favorite.


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