Picture Book Marathon- Day 2

So I decided to do a take on "Goodnight Moon." I thought about being really satirical about it, but didn't have the brain power today. So it's just a jungle theme instead. But I can't decide whether to use the word "Hello" or "Good Day." What do you think?

Hello Noon
by Julie Olson

In the blue afternoon
there was an elephant,
And a brown baboon,
And a tree branch with--

a bird cleaning its plume.
and there were three little frogs, sitting on logs,
and two little snakes and a few small lakes,
and a little blue bird and hippos, a herd,
and some ants and some apes and a vine full of grapes,
and a stripy strong tiger who was swatting at shapes.

Hello noon.

Hello baboon.

Hello bird cleaning its plume.

Hello elephant singing a tune.

Hello frogs, hello logs.

Hello snakes, hello lakes.

Hello bird and hello herd.

Hello little bug and hello slug.

Hello ants and hello apes.

Hello everyone. Hello grapes,

and hello to the tiger swatting at shapes.

Hello sun, hello breeze.

Hello jungle filled with trees.

(words and art copyrighted 2011 Julie Olson)


  1. SO FUN! I'd buy this book :)

  2. Better than the original!

    Emily G.

  3. Better than the original!

    Emily G.

  4. This is a great parody! And the art is MUCH better, too. :)

    Julie, I've been using Rick Walton's HUGE list of random nouns to spark my creativity. Do you want me to send it to you?

  5. Thanks, Jed. It's just a cover sketch really, playing off the design of the original. Send the list my way! :-)


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