Illustration Friday: Run

I really wanted to get one of my gopher pictures done for this but I have a deadline this week that snuck up on me. And the worst of it is that I started doing the final painting on illustrations that aren't even due yet thinking those were the ones due tomorrow. So, while I wait for the paint to dry on a spot for Highlights magazine, I thought I'd post this.

This is a spot illustration of zack running from the Already Asleep book. (Click on cover on the left bar). I got my advance copies of the book and it can be ordered from the publisher. It'll be available in bookstores in another month. The color matching turned out GREAT in the book. I was glad for that. You never know.
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Groundhog Day

I'm working on writing my own story (as well as illustrating of course). The main character is a groundhog. I just finished the text this morning (my favorite draft so far) but I'm sure it could still use some tweaking. This Saturday I'll be going to a little picturebook workshop with some writer friends of mine and hopefully I'll get some more tips to make it better. Here are the character sketches of the groundhog. (He gets and itch he can't get rid of)

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