White Space: Summer

Today even though the sun is shining, I'm a bit chilly. I find myself longing for summer already. I sit in my office uploading this post in sweats and with a scarf wrapped around my neck. I don't think my blood has thickened for the chill and cold yet. Ahhh, to be on a beach, in the warm sun sipping a cool lemonade. Summer.

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White Space: Spring

Here's day 3 of the white space posts. Obviously this one is called, Spring. Ideally, I personally would prefer about 2 months of winter, December and January and go right into a long spring. But maybe I wouldn't be as grateful as I am for spring if winter was short. Ahhh, life in the Rockies.

Hey, let me know if any of you would like me to make theses available as inexpensive prints via an online shop. I'd be willing to set that up if the desire is there.

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White Space - Winter

Winter is just around the corner. We got a taste of it this week here in Utah. Brrrrr! Snow and lows in the mid 20's at night. NOT FALL WEATHER. But Fall is supposed to return. I love Fall. But I do appreciate the softness and coziness winter brings...when the snow muffles all the noise of the world around and you can watch the snow slowly fall.

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White Space

Graphic designers are masters at white space and I think recently it has caught on even more. Personally, I think it's a reflection of our need to clear our minds...de-clutter our lives. It gives us time to rest and time to focus.

I, too, have fallen in love with white space. Some picture books work well with a lot of white space. However, none that I have illustrated seemed to work that way. So I decided to do a few pieces that reflect my desire to leave more white space. I hope you like the result. (I have 4 right now and I'll post one each day - and I hate to have to say it but, please do not use this image elsewhere.)

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