Happy New Year and Happy New Books

Of course the holiday season is busy for everyone, myself included. Besides the normal hustle and bustle, I had quite a few Christmas gift commissions to complete and mail off. Here are a few examples....
Parade Portrait of an entire family...7 people

Empire State Bldg commission

An entire 16 page picture book commissioned for a guy to propose to his sweetheart

several mini watercolors for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Another parade portrait of 4 kids
After all these I took the week of Christmas off to spend time with my own family. It was wonderful. However, as the new year has begun, I've come down with some sickness I can't shake and am feeling quite miserable. Honestly it's only been 3 1/2 days now of being sick, but as a mom and a working illustrator, I don't have time for it. My brain is in a fever fog and has nothing creative to produce.

But on a more positive note, I received a box of my author copies of two volumes (out of four) of the Princess Twins Books I illustrated for Harpercollins/Zondervan. They sent paperbacks and hardcover. It made me smile through my sickness today. These two volumes are available now online and in stores. Finding them on Amazon is tricky but possible, click on the softcover link and you'll see an option for hardcover too if that's what you'd like (try this link amazon Princess Twins), but they are all here in one place on the publisher's site... Harper Collins / Zondervan Princess Twins

Princess Twins and the Puppy is about two little girls, Abby and Emma, learn about God's added strength and love for them when they lose their puppy and pray for help and courage to find it.

Princess Twins Play in the Garden shows through a cute story that we don't need to be worried about appearances and will be much more happy if we concern ourselves with others instead.

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