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I am always interested to learn about other artists' processes and tools. Someone asked me today what watercolor paints I use. There isn't a single answer so I decided to do a blog post on it to give more information. Read on til the end, and I'll post some links to some other helpful posts on the process of becoming an illustrator and how to illustrate and more.

First, my palette.

I have had this watercolor palette for a LONG time. I can't even remember when I bought it. Maybe in college. Maybe soon after. I really don't know. But I love it. It is large (14x14 inches), it is round (like the color wheel), and it has a cover. (you can get the same one I have here)

Second, the paints on my palette.

I've used various paints over the years, but after taking a watercolor master class from landscape watercolor artist, Carl Purcell, I realized I needed to add a few things...like the name of the colors in sharpie along the edge of each paint well and a few colors I didn't even know existed, like Horizon Blue. The result is the following palette. (I choose to keep my palette messy and leave the dried paint in the wells...I just mist it all down before I start).

You are welcome to click on the image and look at the labeling more closely to find out what specific colors and brands of paint I use.

Now, Third...Links extra resources and how to's on my blog.

How to get started as an illustrator  
click and then scroll through the posts for March 2010
3. SEARCH "How to" IN THE SEARCH BAR in the right column of this blog (view webversion of page to get it to pop up if you are on a mobile device)

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