A Little Gift for you...Free Printable Calendar- October 2012

I'll have to make a big post later as to why I've been more M.I.A. this month but for now...

See how to use this free printable HERE

Here is October's free printable 4x6 calendar card for you. Enjoy!

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Submitted a Dummy: The Waiting Game

So I recently sent off a completed dummy book to my agent for him to submit to publishers. Have any of you done that? Maybe not through your agent, but directly to a publisher. I've done both...with and without my agent.

Here's the full color finish included in the book dummy. copyright 2012 Julie Olson

Either way it's a waiting game. Once it's out there you are soooooo anxious to hear back. Do they like it? Do they hate it? Do they want to publish it? Do they want to see more? You are like a kid waiting for Christmas. It seems forever away even if it's already December. Time passes slower than ever and you think you'll die waiting.

Whatever you do, don't pester the publisher with "Well, What did you think?" emails or calls every week. After the initial submission, wait 6-8 weeks minimum before contacting them for a response. If you can, wait for 3 months. By then it is VERY o.k. to contact and ask for a response.

These poor editors are so overworked it usually takes them quite a while to respond, even when you have a good agent or have published several books previously. Try to be understanding and patient. It helps to have some kind of relationship established with the people you submit to, whether that happens via mail, email, or connection at a conference or through an associate.

Here's what I do to make it through that long wait...

  • clean my studio, then my kitchen, then my house
  • reorganize things
  • actually socialize with friends I've been neglecting
  • read a good book I haven't had time for
  • type an email to the publisher and then delete it
  • instead, bug my agent about what he's heard about the book (this you can do as much as you'd like) ;-)
  • cook better dinners
  • exercise more
  • Play more with my kids
  • work on other illustration jobs
  • AND ESPECIALLY start ideas for more books
Hmmmm. Maybe I should wait for responses more often. I sound so much more productive.

Good luck with your submissions!
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