My Ukiyoe Heroes Print Arrived

A while back I posted about my friend, Jed Henry. I should've waited a few weeks and done a post about him and his awesome Kickstarter Campaign as well. But alas, I didn't.

Anyway, Jed had this great idea to design/illustrate iconic video game characters in a traditional Japanese Ukioye style and have those designs translated into traditional woodblock prints. It took off like wildfire. Here's the site about the project...

Anyway, I backed the campaign and got my print in the mail yesterday and it was like an early Christmas gift. Way to kick off the season. Thanks, Jed. I love it!

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Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference 2013

So mark your calendars! You don't want to miss this conference. Seriously!!! Ask any editor of children's lit, this conference is amazing and they all talk about it back in NYC. They ask themselves, why is it Utah produces so many amazing children's lit writers and illustrators? Then they come here to this conference and they see why....We have amazing talent and amazing instructors at an amazing conference and next year is going to be awesome! I am so excited.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, JUNE 17th-21st 2013 (or just 18th-20th for illustrators)

We have a huge and amazing faculty including 2 literary agents, and an editor from Simon and Schuster. Here's the list...

2013 Writing and Illustrating Conference Faculty Include:

Cheri Pray EarlIntroduction to Writing for Children Class
Sharlee GlennPicture Book Class
Steve BjorkmanIllustration Class
J Scott SavageMiddle Grade Class
Kris ChandlerNovel Class
AE CannonNovel Class
Martine LeavittSpecialty Novel Class (more info to come)
Matt KirbyAdvanced Class
Mette Ivie HarrisonFull Novel Class (Limited to 6 participants)
Carol Lynch WilliamsWriter's Boot Camp
Utah State Poet Laureate Lance LarsenKeynote Speaker
Alyson HellerEditor for S&S
Ammi-Joan PaquetteErin Murphy Literary Agent
Steven FraserJennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

Being an illustrator myself, and having taught at this conference previously, I am soooooooooooo excited to announce that the talented Steve Bjorkman will be our illustration faculty this year. I think I may sneak in when I'm off-duty and learn a few illustration techniques from him myself. (I wish I could!) See what a fun illustrator he is....

And if you're wondering what this conference is all about and what goes on, see my previous posts about it.

WIFYR 2012

But essentially, you can sign up for full day or half day attendance. Full day attendees get an awesome, intensive 5 day, 4 hour morning class with the faculty you sign up with. In addition, you get a chance to be chosen to show your work to the attending agent or editor (which is a big deal), and you get all the afternoon workshops as well (which are taught by even more faculty than is listed here). Half-day attendees get the afternoon workshops and keynote addresses. Everyone who registers will get permission and information to submit directly to the editor and agents post-conference (which is also a big deal). But best of all, you get to learn so much about your craft, the business, and the culture of the children's book industry.

There are so many well-known authors who have gotten their start at this very conference. You'll be sorry if you miss it. (last year we had attendees from all over...even as far as the Mid East...we were amazed)

So if your loved-one asks what you want for Christmas, tell him/her "REGISTER ME FOR WIFYR" which stands for Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers of course. Registration should be up in a few short weeks. I'll keep you posted.

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