Speaking at the Library

This friday, June 27, I'm doing a little dog and pony show at the Orem Public Library at 7pm in the story  telling wing. So, if anyone is looking for something to do, come on by. You'll see how I work, some of my beginning artwork at 6 years old, and how a picture book is made. It's a show for all ages.

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A week long...GONE

I have been away all day every day this week at a Children's Book Writing Conference, hosting author Kathi Appelt. I learned so much from her and from all the other speakers this week. It was amazing. I even met an editor from Greenwillow books and went over a dummy book with her that I wrote and illustrated. She gave me great comments and said to send it to her after I revise. I've been up late, up early and running my but off all day taking care of things for the conference and it's main guests. I also got some great contact with Richard Erickson, art director at Shadow Mountain (publisher of Fablehaven). 
Out to dinner with some of the gals from class, Kathi in blue and me in the hat.
Our class. Kathi taught us well. We had a great week together.

But then I came home after a good but tiring week...to my good husband trying to fix the basement toilet. I started dinner and called him up when i was done. We ate and then he took one of our sons on a motorcycle ride. I decided to go downstairs for some reason or other and found that darn toilet spraying tons of water EVERYWHERE. It'd been going all through dinner it seems. The bathroom floor was soaked, the water went under the baseboards and into both neighboring rooms (my office and an edge my husbands office) and soaked the carpet in the hallway and along the entire edge of part of the playroom. This all happened after a long week but also after our entire playroom flooded from an open sprinkler head a month and a half ago (and $1000 ago). So this is what it looks like down there right now. This really stinks b/c my office floor (laminate) is ruined and I actually have 2 jobs I'm now working on. Not a great workspace anymore. My husband said he's just hiring professionals from now on for any repairs.
Sectioned off to minimize moisture spread in the air.
Dehumidifier to suck up all the moisture.
My lovely office.
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