Well, I finally (after 2 years of working on it) submitted my groundhog dummy book to an editor at Simon and the mail today. Now I just need to forget about it so I don't worry about it and wonder about it. I have plenty of other things to keep myself busy so that shouldn't be a problem (shouldn't being the operative word there). It's always hard not to think about a book or art you have out there waiting to be critiqued. Cross your fingers for's the first real actual submission that is me all the and illustrator.
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In the Paper

Well, I had a wonderful time at the Provo Children's Book Fair last Saturday, presenting on a panel, doing an illustration demonstration for kids, reading to the kids, and signing books. My friend is a photographer for the local paper and made sure to put me as the photo op even though there were far more noteworthy authors and illustrators there. Too bad he had to show it from an angle that exaggerates my already thick arms.

It was a fun day. Here's a link to the article DESERET NEWS
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