Not Officially an Author...Yet (9 months more)

I heard today that the release for the picture book I WROTE and illustrated isn't until November 1, 2010. See...on the cover...there's my name as author AND illustrator. Cool! I was hoping for an earlier release date mostly because I'm so excited about having my own picture book out there in the world. It's exciting. Here's the pdf of the cover I received to approve. I approved. Marshall Cavendish publishing has been great to work with; and they must've liked working with me, because they just offered another book illustration job to me. Yea!
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A New Portrait

Sorry for the long absence of posts. I was sick nearly all of the month of December. Not a nice way to spend the holidays, I know. I seriously was doing only "have-to-do" items and unfortunately, updating this blog wasn't one of those.

But since the new year I've felt much better and am working on signing a new book deal along with doing some personal projects. Here is a portrait I just finished of a friend's son. Hopefully it will be to her liking. With portraits you never know.

What do you think?

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