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In preparation for another school visit, I thought I'd let the kiddos learn how to draw my latest picture book character...Gus. The book I wrote and illustrated (my first publication as an author) comes out in Spring of 2010 with Marshall Cavendish. I wanted to get the kids excited for it's arrival so I made up this little "how-to." You are welcome to print it for your own self or children, or even for their school. But those are the only usage rights given. Enjoy!
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Finished two, one more on the tables

Well, I just finished the interior illustrations for a chapter book I've been working on for Farrar, Strauss and Giroux by A.E. Cannon called "Chihuahua Chase". It was fun to see it come together but kind of "pull-my hair out" in the process at times. But that's how great creative work comes to be, right? In addition, I finished and turned in the illustrations for the book I wrote, "Tickle, Tickle! Itch, Twitch!" coming out in Spring 2010. I love finishing projects. I just don't love the in between sometimes.
I'm still in that "not-quite-done" phase of one more book. I have to be in the "I'm finished" phase in just 4 weeks. Whew! Time to get back to the drawing table (or the painting easel at this point).
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