Illustration Friday: Ghost

I did this sketch in my sketchbook while waiting for my son's wrestling practice to end. Being in the school, seeing stinky booger picking boys made me think back to those tissue ghosts my school teacher used to hang from the ceiling. Here's what a little monster decided to do with one. At least she's using the tissue for it's real purpose.
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Illustration Friday: Smitten

This is a sketch from my sketchbook colored in photoshop. Young love...smitten. You'll have to imagine your own pimple-faced boy she's thinking of. Or maybe Guy Francis can draw one up. Guy?
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Here's a sketch I did while my daughter was in the hospital. I finally scanned it and decided to try out the digital painting thing. I need some practice. I used Corel Painter. (watercolor settings) I also did a few assignments for Harcourt this way that turned out better than this but b/c of copyright, I can't show them yet. Any technique tips for Corel painter or painting digitally? I still like the old fashioned brush and paper better.
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