Illustration Friday: Jungle

To me, the worst "jungle" can be Middle School or Junior High! This depicts why. Fortunately I didn't have as horrible of an experience as some do. (yes this is a piece not specifically done for this week but if you read my lst post, you'll know why I didn't get to painting a new piece this week.)
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Flat on my back -- But updated webpage

Well, it's been an interesting 24 hours for me. Last night I bent down to pick up a piece of paper and my back went out on me. I couldn't move to standing or anything else. I dropped to my hands and knees keeping my back in the same bent position and scooted to the phone on my desk to call for help. After some muscle relaxer pills and advil, I could crawl up the stairs to bed. This morning I went to see an orthopedist/sports therapist. Apparently one of my vertebrae had popped out and was locked in the bent spine position. Also, my right pelvis was severely tilted out of place. Who knows what happened! I'm only 29 but this sure made me feel like 80. After the doctor visit, being popped back into place, and some prayers on my behalf, I can slowly walk upright now and function without excruciating pain. They say it'll be a week or two until I'm back to normal...this should make painting the 16 pages for the Harcourt "Big Book" interesting. Fun, Fun!

The real reason for the post is that I've updated my webpage with more recent info, links and art. Check it out at And here are 2 pieces of art from a recently finished chapter book for Harcourt called "The Adventures of Ordinary Girl".
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Got the Proof - BUY THE BOOK

So, I saw the final color proof of the "Already Asleep" book. They are pretty close to the originals. I don't know of any that match the originals exactly 100%...have any of you had your books match your originals completely in every aspect? It's just the way it goes. Watercolor is always hard for the scanners to pick up all the gradations too. But I'm pleased with the turnout. Now, I just hope it all looks good trimmed and bound. It's scheduled to be on bookshelves in October but available from the publisher sooner if you go to Now, off to paint a "big book" for Harcourt. Sketch approvals/changes came back last week. Pleased to say there weren't a ton of changes.
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Illustration Friday: Portrait

This is drawn from a picture of my oldest exactly (nearly 8 now) when he was 11 months old. He was so cute.

I used black and white prismacolor pencils on beige canson paper.I love toned paper.
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