Valentines Day Card and Calendar 2014

For any of you last minute people like me, here's a little valentine printout for you... Slap on a piece of candy and wahlah! :-) Enjoy!!

Just click, save to your desktop and print on cardstock. You can print for personal use.
COPYRIGHT Julie Olson 2014

Here's a little 4x6 calendar as well. For personal use only.
COPYRIGHT Julie Olson 2014

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Penguin Book on Sale

"Little Penguin: The Emperor of Antarctica" is on sale for a limited time on

This is one of my favorite books I've illustrated thus far. I love the information contained about penguins because it's told in an interesting story format. I know I certainly learn better through story than through spewing facts, and I think kids do too.

If you are a penguin lover, pick it up and check it out. I believe the Kindle version is free to borrow from their lending library as well.


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