Creating an eBook

Text and Images for "Princesses, Princesses, Princesses" are copyrighted by Julie Olson 2011

I am working on an eBook for Nook and Kindle and downloadable pdf. I decided to take this approach with a personal project of mine and see how it goes. Tell me what you think so far. Keep in mind this pdf viewer has compressed and pixelated the images greatly. But you'll get the general idea. Honest critiques are welcomed. Now is the time to make changes. :-)
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Working on a few projects

So my summer was fairly slow in the illustration arena but very full with adventure and fun on the home front. And then school started and my baby boy began to walk. I think things were turned upside down for me then. HE GETS INTO EVERYTHING now. So even though he takes a lot more of my time and attention right now (and for the next few years of mayhem) I'll enjoy the sweet moments and get what I can done when I can get it done. Here he is in a rare, holding still moment...

That said, I've been working on a couple of projects...

Project #1 came about from the picture book marathon. I'm working on an ebook for the Nook. It's the "Princesses! Princesses! Princesses!" book. I've got it all sketched out and laid out. Now I need to put color to it and get an editor friend to look at a few of my phrases in the text. Here's a sneak peak at one sketch.

Project #2 is a picture book called, "Purple." I didn't write this one, but it's a sweet story about a little boy's blanket and all the love it had to give. (in the same vein as "The Giving Tree" but the blanket will not be personified in the illustrations like the tree is).

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