Tis the Season...

...to be busy...

Holiday shopping, decorating, baking, rushing...who isn't busy this time of year. Well I certainly am more busy than ever, with all of those things plus raising 4 kids PLUS illustrating. I signed a picture book deal with a large publisher and I have just 2 months to complete an entire book. I'm working like a mad woman.

But in-between all that, I am also trying to find time to give back.

Just a little over a week ago, I participated in a fund raiser for a local school. They had an art and basket auction. The baskets were donated to the school (filled with fun stuff) and then auctioned off silently. Then a bunch of local artists came in and painted pictures on the spot to be auctioned off at the end of the night. Here is the piece I painted (something for a little girl's room...Cinderella). It brought in a bit of money for the school and I felt good being able to help out.

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I'm a freelance illustrator working in the children's book industry. I love kids and raising my own 4 children. They are the inspiration and the passion behind all I do in art and in life. See my website at JulieOlsonbooks.com

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