BYU Writing for Young Readers Conference

I was able to spend the past 5 days at a writing conference. I assisted author, Dandi Mackall, throughout the conference. I learned so much from her and was fairly productive as well. I edited down (with the class's help) one picture book manuscript, and wrote an entirely new picture book manuscript (which still needs revising). I also finished 20 sets of sketches for a chapter book I'm illustrating. I did those as I listened in the classes. Meeting 3 new editors wasn't a bad deal either. I tell you, these conferences are the way to learn AND network. I was also able to see many of my writer friends and meet new ones as well. It was a great (but tiring) week.
Dandi and Me

Janette Rallison

James Dashner

Ann Dee Ellis

Ann Cannon

Claudia Mills

Will Terry

Carol Lynch Williams

Rick Walton

Dandi Mackall
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