Every illustrator has to advertise or promote their work in some way or they'll never get hired for a job. Some have an agent, some send out postcards, some mail out portfolios, and some advertise in sourcebooks like Picturebook. I do not have an agent. I try to go to New York and shop my portfolio around to the Children's Book Publishers about every other year. I also just recently purchased ad space in Picturebook 2006 sourcebook. But most often I send out postcards at least twice a year. I use Modern Postcard to print my cards, placing an image of mine on the front and my contact information and website address on the back. Here is the image I created and sent out on my Spring 2005 postcard.


  1. Jenni Coberly5/01/2005 6:38 PM

    This is so cute! It's been really fun to see the change in your art work. You do so many different styles. What Talent!! :)

  2. Julie, This picture is wonderful. Cute, just enough detail- I love it. All the styles I have seen on your blog are wonderful. I am the author of ALREADY ASLEEP the picture book you are doing for Moo Press. As an art enthusiast I am thrilled you have a blog like this.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!
    I love the colors and all the details!


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