Recent Publication Hits Market

A board book I illustrated for a subsidiary of Lerner Publications is now available. It's called, "The Opposites of My Jewish Year." You can go to my site to purchase it Obviously it has a very select market...Jewish. It takes the Jewish holidays throughout the year and teaches opposites using objects associated with each. Hannukah, for example, uses the menorah to teach high and low (the middle candle is high..the shamash...and the other candles are low). Not being Jewish myself, I was grateful for the internet and the definitions of Jewish words and holidays I found there as I researched the illustrations.


  1. Ah, just my kind of blog, I'll have to link up.

  2. I love your work! I would love to be doing what you do. You have a real talent. God bless you!

  3. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Love you work.


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