Turning down jobs?

So, for the first time in my illustration career, I had to turn down a job offer I actually WANTED to do. The money would've been good to add to the income, but I just couldn't fit it in. I just am too busy working on other illustration jobs at the moment. I've turned down a few before but those were ones I just wasn't interested in. I hope this is a sign that I'm starting to actually "make it" as an illustrator. It's kind of exciting for me.

I got the comments back on my "One Clean House" reader. Just so you know, when you work for the educational market, you often have many people to please as far as the art goes...kind of "art by committee." It's just one of the slight downsides to educational work. However, it's no big deal (click the picture to read comments)

Here's one of the 16 sketches for another reader I'm working on called "My Saturday Cat." I had to draw lots of kittens throughout (and wheelchairs...worse than drawing bikes)!


  1. Ah yes, design by committee... One of the plagues of this kind of illustration job (it's usually not enough that they are generally underpaid - but they are ridiculously demanding. One of my critique group members who does a lot of educational work deals with this frequently. We're always amazed at what the committee has found to gripe about).

  2. this is such a wonderful drawing. I couldn't stop looking at it. the postures of the kittens are perfect and I love how you just suggested the mother cat

  3. Thanks for sharing the works in progress. The process can be as fun as the finished product. I used to work for an education company (in Utah, no less), and I remember how frustrating those committees can be! I love your work!

  4. Hi Julie, I love your work! I like how you soften the background in your illustrations as well, it gives them a lot of depth.

    Oh good gosh, i'm not a big fan of commitees. Talk about two steps forward, one step back. Ack!


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