Illustration Friday: Plain (+ Paris)

Well, a trip to Paris is anything but PLAIN. but my drawings from it kind of are (...plain...that is). Just some Black and whites for ya today.

My husband and I took a week long trip to Paris for our 11th anniversary. We just got back. I'm still a little jet lagged, but I thought I'd quickly post a few of the sketches I did in my newly purchased adorable sketchbook from a Paris bookbinder. We got some awesome photos too.
Here's the sketchbook...

Here's a sketch from the Louvre where I was able to see the Mona Lisa and many other great works of art. It's a HUGE place.

Here's one from the Musee d'Orsay where all the impressionists hang. It was my favorite museum of the trip. I love the Degas sketches. This is just a light that was hanging in the museum that I liked.

And these are just sketches of people...especially the French and their noses. I never realized how distinguishing that feature was on the French in general. I even saw the quintessential French mustache.

I also learned a few things one would do to blend in to the French culture when visiting...
- wield a cigarette
- parisian scarf - long and expertly wound around the neck
- knee length coat
- knee high flat soled boots
- a hairstyle that doesn't require naturale...wavy and crazy, short, or long and layered
- a thin stick like figure and a long nose (not easily obtained for a visit)
- a small dog on a leash (and don't pick up it's doo doo)
- carry a large bag/purse
- carry a baguette in the other arm
- very little makeup
- a scooter and a crazy driving sense

I had a great time. I'll post more from the trip later. Now, I need sleep. Jetlag has got me beat.


  1. What fun! Happy Anniversary. My goodness, I had not realized how French I am! I have the nose, the hair, the scant make-up, the coat, the boots, and the scarf! Just need the cigarette (ugh!) and the dog (oh yay!) I guess! ;-)

  2. I guess I have the nose! Your site is so fun to look at! Mylissa


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